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Izvješće za medije/Press release (english)

Izvor: UDK02
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We are proud to announce that on the Teacher's day, 6 October 2006 – Croatian Network of School Librarians started a repository of school librarian's works and the works for school librarians at www.knjiznicari.hr, this being part of the UDK02 project that originated from the network cooperation of school librarians gathered around http://groups.yahoo.com/group/knjiznicar/ forum We started the project in an effort to gather different digital and/or digitalized materials which school librarians have been sharing in the past few years by exchanging them on CD-ROMs, with the intent that school librarians be able to access all these materials from one site. In addition to uploading finished materials, the repository of school library works could point to different sites all over the Internet.

Whilst making plans about CMS (content management system), we expected that members would upload their works, in different formats, at the repository about miscellaneous typesof school librarians’ activities, both those concerning the educational-training activities, as well as the expert activities and those of cultural and public interest.

All participants, both school librarians, and all those who are interested and can contribute in the activities of school libraries are welcome Your advice and suggestions are appreciated

Our plan was that Croatian Network of School Librarians would be the focal point for County Expert Council of School Librarians, where all types of works can be presented, ranging from sending invitation to publishing statements (reports) (izvješća).

Croatian Network of School Librarians will give basic information about all school libraries in Croatia, including basic information about school librarians (addresse, working time, photos, links to existing sites etc.).

School librarians will be able to examine at all rules regarding school libraries on a single site.

The site www.knjiznicari.hr will contain information on different school activities and joint projects, presentations of school librarians etc.

In addition to publishing final works, www.knjiznicari.hr gives the opportunities to school librarians to jointly work on various projects.

You can search the catalogue by title, author and subject..

We hope Croatian Network of School Librarians will be a place where librarians will exchange not only their works but more importantly – ideas,. And we want www.knjiznicari.hr to be a place for social converse so we invite to join us everybody who are interested in school library.

It is not necessary to know either html or php language; all one should know is how to surf the web using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera.

The group behind the initiative to establish Croatian Network of School Librarians there are school librarians who were noticed by project Angels leave in School Library: Ivana Vladilo, Tihomir Dunđerović, Milena Klanjac, Josip Rihtarić, Nataša Mesić Muharemi, Gordana Kolarik.

In first six months we have more than 200 files, more than 200 articles, more than 150 participants and more than 6000 accessing of home page.

Brochure available for download (426KB, pdf)

We would be very happy if school librarians from different countries will join us so we could build multilingual site "International Network of School Librarians" where school librarians will share ideas and materials in different languages. If you could help us, please contact us here at www.knjiznicari.hr or info@josiprihtaric.iz.hr

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